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Friday, October 3rd. 2014 you have an exceptional opportunity to enjoy an English guest at Vilvorde Kursuscenter. Deborah Frances-White! End your working week and bring your colleagues along to an entertaining ”lecture”, as well as a golden opportunity to network with other corporate guests. Vilvorde Kursuscenter invites you afterwards to a glass of wine, on the house.

The English stand-up comedian and screenwriter Deborah Frances-White kicks the feet from underneath you, when opening both heart and soul with her smashing show ”How to be a Charismatic Woman in a Mans World”. With her witty and thoughtful points, she illustrates,

why it is such good business for corporations  to create a balance between the genders, when creating workteams or even boards. Her personal experience from an extremely male

dominated workplace (the british stand-up world), has given her fuel to ignite her unremitting pep-talks to women about how and why they should become more visible, more bold, and not

let themselves be made into ”men with breasts”. Through direct tips and tricks she shows a new, more feminine way to manage and in her own charming way, she sets up a start to a

very intense and provoking debate. She’s smart, she’s witty and you will find yourself in delightful company. Deborah Frances White is her own message’s best ambassador!!

When: Friday, October 3rd. 2014 at 3 p.m. till 5 p.m.

Where: Vilvorde Kursuscenter, Vilvordevej 70, 2920 Charlottenlund


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